Jakes Mantle

Jakes Mantle

As the Sales Excellence Executive at SYSPRO, Jakes is responsible for providing leadership, direction, support, and provisioning of the demo server environment to the sales department. Jakes is a results-driven leader with extensive product knowledge skilled at pursuing new sales prospects, maintaining customer satisfaction and relationship building. With over 27 years at SYSPRO across various departments and roles, his passion is formulating solutions for customers to improve their business processes resulting in success.

Posts by Jakes Mantle

ERP and TechnologyCloud computing

Let’s Get Engaged! The Marriage of UX and Industry 4.0

The phrase ’employee engagement’ – is something I hear a lot in my job. Everyone knows that employee engagement is …

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ERP and Technology

Genuine Production Gains from Artificial Intelligence

Getting more done in less time is the holy grail of productivity drives, in our own lives, and on the …

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ERP for Manufacturing

How to Increase Profitability with Manufacturing Operations Management

It always surprises me when I visit a shop floor for the first time and realize that some of our …

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