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As a manufacturer in the chemicals industry, you may be facing the business challenges that come with meeting regulatory compliance, complex supply chains and an ever-changing business landscape.

Today’s chemical manufacturers are under increasing pressure to maintain competitiveness, while complying with constant changes in government legislation, global competition and price sensitivity in the market.

Key Benefits in choosing the right ERP business software:

  • Ensure high levels of quality control
  • Manage production capacity and forecast future demand
  • Automate reports
  • Improve material tracking and operation flow
  • Gain a transparent view of all business processes

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It’s why we’re committed to delivering specialist ERP software that is continuously evolving and being enhanced to keep pace with your business needs and help you stay on top:

  • Closely monitor and control costs and margins, and reducing waste in all areas of the business is essential to your on-going profitability
  • Identify and trace every single ingredient consumed in the manufacturing process; from receipt through processing, packaging, and shipping, to the exact customer location
  • Remain flexible and responsive, with essential integrated visibility to your accounting, distribution and manufacturing operations
  • Digital transformation enables you to integrate business partners across your supply chain or to other systems, on-premise or in the cloud; and to create a smart factory with intelligent modern manufacturing processes that can collect data from your machines and other shop floor devices automatically

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