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If you’re a Manufacturer in the Packaging industry, you need to be able to balance high volume orders with minimal waste and at the same time maintain product quality.

Key benefits to choosing the right ERP business software:

  • Compliance with local and international regulations
  • Improved quality of raw materials and monitoring during the production process
  • Reduced costs and waste while remaining flexible and responsive
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy
  • Improved Collaboration with Trading Partners
  • Adapts to rapid technological changes

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It’s why we’re committed to delivering specialist ERP software that:

  • Improves your capability to demonstrate compliance in your core processes, as well as implement a variety of control measures for stringent record-keeping
  • Enables you to improve the quality of raw materials with stringent monitoring during the production process
  • Helps you reduce costs, eliminate material wastage and supports sustainable practices
  • Leverages technology with shop floor data collection and automation and the provision of real-time updates
  • Enables digital transformation so that you can integrate business partners across your supply chain or to other systems, on premise or in the cloud; and leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get rich insights, unidentified trends and anomalies in your business brought to the forefront

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