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If you’re a Manufacturer in the Plastics and Rubber industry, you will likely be facing the on-going business challenges of ever-increasing regulations and environmental laws.

It is essential that you embrace both innovation and continuous improvement for your Industry in a changing world.

Key benefits to choosing the right ERP business software:

  • Compliance with local and international regulations
  • Improved quality of raw materials and monitoring during the production process
  • Reduced costs and waste while remaining flexible and responsive
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy
  • Improved Collaboration with Trading Partners
  • Flexibility in adapting to technological changes

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It’s why we’re committed to delivering specialist ERP software that:

  • Optimizes your supply chain and materials management by tracking material and operation flow through manufacturing
  • Enables your quick response to product recalls, search capabilities, vendor management, quality and lot tracking
  • Ensures the quality of raw materials and monitoring during the production process
  • Accommodates variable end-products which result from regrading and unpredictable chemical processes, with by- and co-product management
  • Provides for the connection of machines and other devices to digitalize the factory and gain a competitive advantage
  • Ensures you stay as flexible as the materials you manufacture

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