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Customer Queries Hit an All-time High during Covid-19

When lockdown began, business and service provider customer support teams anticipated query loads would lessen, as businesses closed or operated …

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The True Story of Customer Satisfaction in Africa

After 4 days of meetings with customers in Kenya, I have realized that over-delivery is the way to go here …

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Putting Service Delivery First … the USA Way

I often ask myself if just-competitive mediocrity has become the service benchmark in the eyes of our customers. I have …

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Why Education is Crucial to Digital Business Transformation

How can businesses thrive during the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is bringing with it digital business transformation? The short answer …

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top E_learning Trends

4 Global eLearning Trends for 2018

I remember the days when having the latest fashion was high on my personal agenda, but at the wise old …

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Group of people raising hands

Four Steps to Building a Learning Culture

Johannesburg is a wonderfully culturally diverse city. A married couple, who are close friends of mine, come from different cultures …

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Get Ready for More Changes in ERP Education

Get Ready for More Changes in ERP Education As we roll over into a new year, I am reminded of …

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Simplifying Your ERP Educational Success

I have often stated that if someone says “I know everything there is to know about our ERP system” they’re …

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SYSPRO Internship 2018: Do You Have What it Takes?

Every year SYSPRO runs an internship program offering young graduates and students an opportunity to learn the SYSPRO product, as …

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