Bots Mean Business

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Chances are if you’re living in the 21st century and own a phone or computer, you’ve already had a chat or two with a chatbot. Often so realistic, users may not realize they’re talking to a machine, albeit an intelligent one. These conversation-mimicking AI programs are fast transforming the way we interact with the internet.

But now bots mean business. They’ve already been used for some time by companies in the B2C space wanting to streamline processes and increase productivity, especially in eCommerce. But now they are rapidly taking over the enterprise space as well, with companies building their own corporate chatbots to add value to their products, create a better interaction experience for B2B customers, and improve their business processes.

With a proper integration middleware, custom chatbots can easily be integrated into a company’s ERP system, connecting and gathering information through APIs. Such bot-related integrations can serve many business-critical scenarios from customer support to sales. For example, an enterprise bot is perfect for creating a 360 degree view of a customer.

With a corporate bot integrated with your ERP, all you’ll need to do is just type in a few commands, and you’ll get all the information at your fingertips, immediately and in one place. This proves even handier if you need to share this information with your colleagues – you’d just do this right where you are, in your corporate chat room.

By simply adding a chatbot to your telecommunication system, your business will allow customers to quickly troubleshoot or analyze a product. Or it can become your own personal assistant, answering calls for you and taking messages in case you’re in a meeting or on a call. The range of implementation scenarios is practically unlimited, with bots potentially helping drive sales, streamlining internal business processes and improving data exchange across departments and even organizations.

The advantage of this way of data delivery can hardly be overlooked. It makes accessing information from your corporate applications while being in the chat conversation with your colleagues or customers much easier and faster, without the need to switch between applications.

Chatbots can be considered the apps of voice interface. They promise to make the future of business a lot more interesting, with enterprises poised to embrace chatbots in the same way they are with mobile and IoT.

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