Half Way There – What Does this Mean for ERP?

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So you’re half way with your ERP implementation. Does this mean you’re about to race downhill to the finish, or struggle uphill with your head down, hoping for the best? It matters how you think and act in both instances.

Consider the first instance, you’ve had a chance to learn a stack on the way, set the ground right. You should be in the groove now, efficient and ready. Now you can use your ERP, apply and reap the benefits. Yes you’ve used half the planned project time – man hours or elapsed time? You have the time left, but are there too many man hours at the end of your lead time?

At the half way point, are your ideas half-baked but not ready to use? Are you leaning ready to step forward but afraid to act? Is it easier to fence sit and check the view before finally deciding which way to go?

You know every game is a game of two halves, so consider this: Do you feel the progress in your soul, your blood pumping realizing how much has been accomplished towards your desired and necessary goal? Is your second half where the winning happens, where your vision shakes off the haze and focuses forward, even beyond the end?

The Right Mentality Unlocks Value

Is the latter you? Then I guess your Business IT Project will swoop in on-time, on-budget realizing its benefits, unlocking value not expected, bringing an appetite for the next win. With SYSPRO first time ERP implementations or second phase business optimization projects there is no question the “two halves mentality” matters.

First you need to have a solid methodology that starts your project properly, sets you in the right direction and ensures what is completed is in line with what you originally aimed for. As a SYSPRO, customer and partner team we use IDEAL to Initiate, Design, Engineer, Actualize and Leverage to set the processes up and create high success probability.

Then you add the people part – the right people (you know, “if you want something done ask a busy person”). People with a can-do and will-do attitude. Those that realize missing the due date on even a small task can kill the project or the team. Collaborating to help others fix issues or make minor adjustments continuously. Performing frequent tests on their own work and scheduled testing of integration or interaction with other business areas regularly – always thinking “Lean” so your project is in good shape as you move into the second half.

The result – successful projects completion and skills experienced in realizing success. Simplifying your success, being ready to win rather than just participate in the next challenge. Like Chris Bertish #TheSUPCrossing stand-up paddling across the Atlantic now.

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