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I recently immigrated to another country and I have been thinking about the similarities between immigrating and companies changing their ERP solutions. From refereeing and analyzing risks, ensuring that all important people agree on the decisions and embracing change, to remaining focused on the end result, and never forgetting the reason for making the decision. The processes have many parallels.

In my opinion, SYSPRO Avanti is like immigrating to a first world country.  Embracing the latest technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Cloud, the Internet of Things, Mobility and Socialization can only lead to a first class experience. I have experienced a first class experience in adjusting to a new country where I found that basic required processes are simplified, expectations are clearly communicated when a need is identified, and the delivery was effortless.

We were able to apply for most services that we needed to run our household, on our preferred device, at a preferred time in the comfort of our home. This was all possible because the country embraces the latest technologies. As a user I felt empowered, I did not have to install any software, no training was required when interacting with their web-based solutions and my household needs were catered for. Technology made the transition so much easier for me and my family.

Interaction When and Where You Want It

SYSPRO empowers customers by letting them decide how they want their users to interact with the system, giving them the choice between a desktop interface and a web solution.  SYSPRO understands that the market is flooded with many different types of devices and each one has their place, and users have their preferences.  It is evident to me that SYSPRO is not dictating to the customer, but rather listening to customers, keeping an eye on technology and catering for all these different requirements.

The Avanti experience feels like second nature to the younger workforce because it has a similar look and feel to the other social media solutions available.  The information is grouped in a sensible manner, is easily accessible on a neatly designed UI with streamlined searches which simplify the activity and empowers the user.  Avanti is always on, resulting in always being available to the user and, in turn, better service can be performed.

Simplicity through Technology

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. I have had the opportunity to develop some of the Avanti cards and I am extremely excited about the possibilities this solution offers. There is so much that can be done and the new technology (AI, bots and big data) greatly enhances the customer experience.

Customizing screens is easy using the visual designer tool and with a little more development knowledge more powerful cards can be created to cater for customer specific needs. Having developed some of the Avanti screens, I know the flexible possibilities, it will be of great benefit because it can streamline business processes, analyze and predict trends, presenting the information in whichever format required by the customer.

I can without any doubt say that this offers the sky as the limit when it comes to flexibility and customization.


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