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If you haven’t heard about Uber, I am going to make the assumption that you have been living under a rock, or less dramatically, live and work on the outskirts of the city. So, for those of you who might fall under these two categories, Uber provides an app that allows you to find a taxi nearest you, request a driver, enter the address and you and the driver can see the route, cost and ETA. The app displays the driver’s name, a picture of the driver and provides his car details. Up front, you know what you’re getting into.

Over and above that, you can rate your driver and trip. So you can be sure he will play the music you want to hear, set the aircon to your preference and, most importantly, smell good. When I have used this service, I have felt like a celebrity. I love it. Last month, Uber introduced a helicopter service at the Cannes Film Festival. So they really are taking their service levels to new heights.

Uber’s tag line is simple and catchy, “Your ride, on demand”.

Unlike the trip home from a night out, the ride customers take with SYSPRO is not a short one, and there are a lot more demands involved. But, there are a number of resources that SYSPRO provide to make the journey better. While searching for tips and advice on good customer service in our industry, HelpScout (a web-based help desk designed for great customer experience) mentioned that good customer service helps customers help themselves.

“Great customer support should always be available, even when you aren’t. When done right, self-service is personal at scale. View your help content as a top-tier reply from your support team made public for all to see and benefit from. Screenshots, videos, styling and more ensure your frequently asked questions will get frequently loved answers.”

This really resonated with me, because SYSPRO provides that. Every licensed customer has access to the secure SYSPRO websites. Within these websites customers can:

  • download training guides or work through e-Learning modules, to learn more about a module or feature
  • view short demonstrations of features and enhancements, we may have something the business needs
  • watch product-focused webinars, to keep informed
  • get certified, to gain recognition for your product knowledge
  • see videos explaining industry concepts
  • access reference guides, to find field specific details

Over and above that customers can interact with SYSPRO employees and other users by joining the SYSPRO forums. While we realize that not all services are on demand, this virtual facility allows customers to log in and find the information they need in their own time.

When prompted to categorize the industry in which SYSPRO operates, we are unlikely to check the ‘Service’ option. People would check ‘IT’, as we are software focused. However, the service we provide, around our software, is vital to our business, and yours. We are not only simplifying your success, we are also at your service.

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