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You know how you have lived all your life never having heard a word or phrase and then one day it pops up, and then it’s everywhere you look? I am never sure if it’s down to not noticing because you’re not aware of its existence or if it just becomes a more popular term.

My latest “new” word is connectivism (which must be new because MS Word does not recognize it). I learnt this term in a module which is part of an on-line course I am busy with. So what is it? Connectivism is a learning theory that suggests that a large part of our learning is done using online peer networks, such as social media sites and online forums. Connectivism means learners learn from social interaction and collaboration, and by benefiting from the personal experience and opinions of their peers.

Essentially, SYSPRO provides for this Connectivist approach through our forums, Twitter and online networks such as LinkedIn. You’re reading this blog post, which is also a form of connectivism.  The SYSPRO Blog was created to share the company’s ideas, experience and passion for enterprise resource planning (ERP). You can comment on and interact with the blogger. It’s not just us hurling information at you. We love receiving comments. That way we know someone’s actually reading our stuff.

Here’s a reminder of other resources we have to get you connected to us and the SYSPRO community:

SYSPRO Forums: These are open to anyone who wants to share knowledge or ask questions. There is a registration process to ensure that participants are genuinely interested in all things ERP. It is administered and monitored by SYSPRO employees. So it’s legit.

LinkedIn Groups: There are a number of groups on LinkedIn but I am going to share two with you.

  • SYSPRO Users: This is administered by a SYSPRO VAR and is a place for SYSPRO users to share information. So if you need to know something, visit the site.
  • SYSPRO Education: This is administered by SYSPRO. In order to be a member, your company must be a licensed Syspro customer or you must be registered on the InfoZone.
    The SYSPRO Education Group provides members with updates on new and updated education material as it becomes available on the InfoZone. It also provides upcoming or released enhancements.

Twitter: There are a number of Twitter accounts but I am going to provide the link to the SYSPRO Global account (@SYSPRO). It tweets about ERP, Tech news and reports, the latest SYSPRO news, updates, research, product information, events and more.

YouTube Channel – SYSPRO Corporate: If you prefer watching videos to reading information, why not subscribe to our YouTube Channel which discusses products, campaigns, news, events, customer testimonials and more.

So, you don’t always have to be in the training room or subscribed to a course to get educated. There is a network out there. So plug in, turn on and get connected.

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