Natasha Burt

Natasha Burt

Natasha Burt is an Education Executive at SYSPRO and joined the company in June 2012. During her career, Natasha has used her knowledge and experience in improving learning and performance to complete a variety of learning and training projects in the petrochemical, mining and mineral, hospitality, government and public services, and financial services industries. Having found her true passion in the instructional design and development of e-learning material, she has settled into SYSPRO’s Education department as the e-learning ‘expert.’ Her responsibilities at SYSPRO include creating training guides, updating learning content with enhancements, recording and publishing feature demos, and creating tasks and simulated lessons. She also enjoys coaching and sharing her knowledge with newer members of the learning design and development teams.

Posts by Natasha Burt

Services and Support for ERPEducation

Gamification and ERP training

I have never been a ‘gamer’ – in my definition that’s someone who spends a significant amount of their leisure …

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Applying and Operating ERPEducation

Six Benefits of a Competency-Based Training and Assessment Approach

In my previous blog post, How to Assess for ERP Competency, I defined competencies and discussed the process of assessing …

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Planning-Purchasing-Implementing ERPBusiness software

How to Assess for ERP Competency

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that having an ERP certification does not necessarily mean that someone has the …

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Managing-Operating ERPEducation

A New Year’s Learning Resolution

My New Year usually begins with commitments to joining a gym, losing weight, and giving up bad habits. Typically, by …

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Certification ERP
Services and Support for ERPBusiness software

The Pros and Cons of ERP Certification

Just last week, my Dad and I were discussing and debating the value of certifications in the real world – …

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E-learning changing the landscape of education
Services and Support for ERPEducation

Bite-Size Education

Despite being someone who is generally conscious about what and how much I eat, there are occasions when I cheat …

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optimize your erp education
Managing-Operating ERPBusiness software

How to optimize your ERP education for the Net and Millennial Generations

Learning how to use an ERP system is not always that easy but it can be significantly simplified with an …

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