Nick McGrane

Nick McGrane

Nick joined SYSPRO reseller, McGuffie Brunton in 1993. Since then, McGuffie has become K3 Syspro and Nick has held numerous operational roles within the business while working his way up to the position of MD. As Managing Director, Nick oversees all aspects of the business using his wealth of experience to guide and support the whole K3 Syspro team.

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Why People Participation is Crucial for Technological Change

Time and again we have seen the same story play out in sci-fi movies: the robots rise up, and then …

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How ERP Assists Manufacturers to Become Smarter with New Technologies

We are currently experiencing a new industrial revolution. Like past revolutions, it too will have immense impact, causing ripples throughout …

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How to ensure a successful erp implementation

How to Ensure a Successful ERP Implementation – Part 3

This is the third and final part of my blog series on a successful ERP implementation. Although the process can …

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People talking using a virtual board

How to Ensure a Successful ERP Implementation – Part 2

As promised in my previous blog, here are 5 more tips to reduce the pain of implementing an ERP system …

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Woman working at home on her laptop

How to Ensure a Successful ERP Implementation – Part 1

The benefits of a new ERP system are multi-fold – simplified processes, greater visibility, improved traceability and accountability, increased efficiency …

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Connecting the Dots through Cohesive Collaboration

As this year draws to a close and we look ahead to 2018 and beyond, we are rapidly moving towards …

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Digital Supply Networks – Are You Ready?

We are undeniably an industry that loves our acronyms – SCM, IoT, CRM, AI, PSAs.  I could go on… Well, …

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Why Going Back to Basics is Crucial to Moving Forward

Times are tough for manufacturers with global trends towards automation and mass customization placing increasing pressure on them to up …

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TRL, Benchmarking and Enterprise Software

The question ‘Are you ready for ERP?’ has already been answered by the world’s leading manufacturers. Now with ERP technology …

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