The Importance of Developing a Simplified and Engaging UX

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Nowadays engaging the end user has become a major contribution to improved performance in business. And by choosing and installing a business system like ERP that offers a rewarding and engaging user experience can:

  • Create a satisfying work environment
  • Empower people to work smarter rather than harder
  • Embrace diversity and flexible working arrangements

And hopefully you see that the benefits to your business will include:

  • Improved overall business performance and productivity
  • Streamlined processes
  • Better communication and collaboration across workstations, divisions, departments, branches, territories – in fact, the entire supply chain

Developing a UI that doesn’t make the user think

But knowing this as an ERP developer, and actually delivering on this got me thinking…how easy is it really to simplify your success with an engaging UX?

User Experience (UX) guru, Steve Krugs, puts it in a nutshell for web designers: ‘don’t make me think’ (it is also the actual title of his book).  Well then, that’s easy, problem solved:  Develop a user interface that won’t let users think. Right?

Once I started thinking about this (at some point someone must think!), I soon realized that it sounds easier than what it is. To develop a UI/UX that will enhance and simplify customer usage can be a challenging task.

It’s easy when you know how

Or maybe I am looking at this the wrong way. Maybe there is some truth to the saying ‘it’s easy when you know how!’

Screens and application flows are designed to enhance user experience, to streamline business processes and enable power users to customize the system.  Having this type of ability also means that these power users need to have the necessary skills.  UI/UX is a fast-moving space as usability, accessibility, interaction, and visual design continue to advance.  The onus is on the developers of any business system such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to ensure that we are prepared and armed with the right knowledge to assist in designing solutions that will improve our customers’ business.

By committing a couple of minutes daily towards researching the industry, reading articles or working through an online course will guarantee an immense enhancement of the skills that can benefit everyone within the ecosystem.

SYSPRO understands the need for upskilling and offers a SYSPRO Learning Channel consisting of webinars, videos, tutorials, training guides, and certifications, to name a few.  There are even books that have been published,  that overflows with valuable information for a developer.

The good news is that this is not just available to me. You too can benefit from it.  We can both learn about the customization and flexibility that a system like SYSPRO offers.  With SYSPRO’s web interface, Avanti, now available and the capabilities it offers by making use of the latest technologies, we all need to sharpen our pencils daily. UX is an area that we can all add our voice to – with or without too much thought!

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