SYSPRO ERP Engaging User Experience


Covered in this eBook:

The benefits for your enterprise will include:

  • Improved overall business performance and productivity
  • Streamlined processes
  • Changing the way your people communicate and collaborate across workstations, divisions, departments, branches, territories – in fact, the entire supply chain

The consumerization of IT/ERP has generated opportunities for businesses to create more productive and satisfying working environments, where staff are empowered to do their jobs better, without having to work harder. By ensuring that their ERP systems offer an engaging and rewarding experience, user adoption is boosted.

“User experience is crucial to rapid uptake, but UX alone is not enough – your chosen ERP software solution must engage your employees. That means empowering them to work whenever and wherever they want and enabling them to personalize the appearance and functionality of their ERP software interface.“

– Document Excerpt, SYSPRO ERP Engaging User Experience eBook