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SYSPRO is a leading, global Enterprise Resource Planning software provider

SYSPRO specializes in key manufacturing and distribution industries. Established in 1978 by Phil Duff, SYSPRO remains one of the longest-standing privately owned vendors of ERP software in the world. With a strong commitment to channel partner growth and offices in the United States, Canada, Africa, the United Kingdom, Asia and Australasia, SYSPRO customers are backed by a team of global experts that drive maximum value out of IT systems and business solutions.

Our Mission

What sets SYSPRO software apart from other ERP vendors is an unwavering, long-term focus on the manufacturing and distribution sectors, a practical approach to technology and a passionate commitment to simplifying business to increase success for partners and customers. By empowering our customers with the confidence and security to take the next step, we are dedicated to making every customer a customer for life.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted name in ERP. Guiding and supporting our customers as a trusted advisor every step of the way and empowering them to see unique opportunities in the business challenges specific to manufacturing and distribution.

Industry Built ERP designed to make it possible

Business system

Unlimited supply chain solutions


Global footprint, local fit

Years of Growth

Designed to fit now and into the future

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Providing a lifetime of value

Regional Operational Centers Serving 6 Continents

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SYSPRO’s global office has recently been established in the United Kingdom, while South Africa remains a major product development center and Johannesburg remains the base for the SYSPRO corporate team. The SYSPRO software solutions are used by more than 15,000 corporate customers with more than 300 000 end users in over 62 countries across 6 continents.

SYSPRO adds value to your business

We are industry specialists with a customer-centric approach. We understand the core needs of our customers and we design products that address those needs. With a focus on mid-market manufacturers and distributors, SYSPRO specializes in key industries including:

  • Electronics
  • Fabricated Metals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Plastics & Rubber
  • Packaging
  • Automotive Parts and Accessories
We place value on the customer relationship over the transaction, and our Consulting Services team is uniquely equipped to enable your business to unlock strategic value from your investment in SYSPRO.
We support our customers through their own digital transformation journeys by being flexible and scalable.
SYSPRO has always been built with the best user experience needs in mind. We have the capability to create customized solutions based on respective customer needs. SYSPRO allows for low or no code tailoring and customization, allowing businesses to choose how they would like the solution to look and feel. SYSPRO was also doing API’s before they became the normal, thus allowing our customers to easily and seamless interconnect to many different applications and solutions.

Unlike ERP generalists, SYSPRO does not offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution. With a determined strategy to put customers at the heart at all of that we do, SYSPRO focuses on offering value by providing solutions that enable organizations to manage all aspects of their business using technology that:

  • Is appropriate for their needs
  • Fits the organizational and cost constraints in which they operate
  • Minimizes the risks of technology adoption
  • Provides the flexibility to change when market dynamics dictate
SYSPRO’s primary method of delivering SYSPRO ERP to market is through a strong channel partner network which is responsible for local implementation and support. With a strong commitment to channel partner growth, SYSPRO customers are backed by a team of global experts that drive maximum value out of IT systems and business solutions. SYSPRO’s PartnerUP Program is a leading-edge Channel Partner program and represents our commitment to working hand in hand with a network of partners and fostering a culture of winning together.

Our Values

All of our values are underpinned by what is at the heart of every SYSPRO employee – resilience. And because of our consistent, unwavering commitment to service excellence, SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Growth Mindset

We drive growth in everything we do.


We keep our promise & do what is right.


Success is our driving force.

Results Driven

We get things done.


We are dependable & trustworthy.

Winning Together

We collaborate to achieve success.

Industry-built ERP for manufacturers and distributors

SYSPRO helps customers to say yes to next with innovative, industry-built software, dependable expert advice, and specialized services. We empower customers with the confidence and security to take the next step. Whether expanding into new territories, adding new product lines, transforming business processes, or driving innovation, SYSPRO creates solutions and a successful path forward to the unique opportunities awaiting manufacturers and distributors. Our global team of industry experts guides and supports our customers as a trusted advisor every step of the way. We make things possible.
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SYSPRO Corporate Profile. SYSPRO, Simplifying Your Success.

Since its inception, SYSPRO has been delivering software solutions to the manufacturing and distribution sectors. In this brochure, we aim to give you further insight into our organization and what we can do to simplify your success. “Unlike generalist ERP providers, with SYSPRO you never get a one-size-fits-all solution, you …


SYSPRO ERP Infinite Possibilities

SYSPRO ERP is functionally-rich software that provide capabilities to manage and support business processes, in manufacturing and distribution companies. The solution is aligned with industry trends to leverage emerging technologies.


SYSPRO Consulting Services Brochure

With SYSPRO you are not just buying the latest technology, you are investing in a long-term relationship, effective training, consultancy and ongoing support, providing you with significant value for years to come.



Join a dynamic team where customer-centric service is the responsibility of every employee. Work in a fun and forward thinking environment.

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Our valued channel partners offer specialized industry & product knowledge helping customers succeed with SYSPRO ERP.

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SYSPRO provides innovative, industry-specific software that is easy to use, yet supports even the most complex business challenges.

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About SYSPRO Europe

SYSPRO EMEA a software solutions company with offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Kenya. For over 40 years our ERP solution has been developed to easily and economically assimilate into a manufacturing business to enhance process, improve profitability and support business objectives. The SYSPRO team believes in a customer-centric approach and the importance of recognising and understanding a customer’s specific business needs. Our industry experts are the competitive edge, with a simplified approach to technology and a wealth of manufacturing insights. Future-proof your business with SYSPRO ERP.

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