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SYSPRO automotive manufacturing software provides an integrated view of all operations from production planning and scheduling, to purchasing and invoicing and helps you streamline your business processes, enabling you to accurately forecast sales quotas, operating budgets, and track progress on the shop floor, in the warehouse and your distribution centers.

Whether you’re an OEM supplier or an aftermarket parts manufacturer, let SYSPRO partner with you and help you to improve production flow and cycle times, and achieve cost efficiencies and enhanced profits.

The automotive industry has seen enormous growth over the past decade with many emerging trends that call for a change in automobile manufacturing practices: enhanced safety requirements, such as those related to CO2 emissions; the rise of new technologies, such as connective systems and autonomous vehicles; having to be cost-effective despite complex supply chains; and the increased need for transparency and good governance from automotive companies, especially regarding product recalls.

6 Key Automotive Industry challenges SYSPRO can help you resolve


More than $150 billion in auto parts through all sales channels, including online and brick and mortar, are influenced by digital.
source: Mintel Global Trends
  • Maximizing profitability in a highly competitive market is only possible with an accurate picture of your costs. For a capital-intensive industry that is characterized by low margins, short product lifecycles, and substantial research and development costs, closely monitoring and controlling costs and margins, and reducing waste in all areas of the business is essential to your on-going profitability.
  • SYSPRO enables you to implement continuous improvement by giving you visibility to costs and profits across the business and helping you to identify issues as they occur.
  • This includes variations in expected and actual raw material and production costs; late supplier deliveries; obsolete, slow-moving and excessive inventories; and product defects and scrap.
  • A strong driver in this industry is a traceability system, in case of a failure in automotive safety standards. Regulations indicate areas requiring extra focus, but ultimately, the management team need to fully understand their risks and be fully in control of all of their processes all day long.
  • The increasing use of common components in large numbers of products causes recalls to spread across several manufacturers with some problems not becoming apparent until the goods have been sold to the mass market.
  • Traceability is especially challenging because problems can occur at any point along your supply chain, from R&D through materials handling to assembly and shipping. Broken or slow processes can be particularly costly – and even lethal.
  • SYSPRO Traceability offers full visibility throughout the value chain to ensure quality and continued compliance with regulatory requirements. It provides the ability to trace, identify, isolate, report, quarantine and place affected products on hold quickly and with minimum disruption.
  • SYSPRO provides the tools to help you optimize your inventory investment without sacrificing customer service. It enables you to effectively plan and control diverse and extensive product lines in a single or multi-warehouse environment, facilitating the creation of warehouses and bin locations to represent both physical and virtual stock locations.
  • Whether you employ simple manual methods to manage your warehouse operations, or sophisticated automated methods such as bar-coding and mobile devices, SYSPRO Inventory and Warehouse Management (WMS) systems assist you in optimizing your pick, putaway and cycle count activities.
  • Whether you stock, sell, purchase or manufacture items by unit, weight, volume, pack or container size, SYSPRO’s multiple units of measure per stock item give you the flexibility to accurately record and track stock quantities.
  • Product version control is automated through the Engineering Change Control (ECC) module, while extensive master data enables you to define parameters for transacting in sales, purchasing and manufacturing.
  • Constant innovation is one of the key factors to remaining competitive, and on-going research and development to design new and better products is integral to the industry. Your ability to design new products and modify existing designs, as well as improve time-to-market is critical to remaining competitive and profitable.
  • SYSPRO’s ECC, Bill of Materials, Work-in-Progress and Factory Documentation modules enable you to implement controls to ensure that your products are manufactured under consistent processes, to the correct designs and specifications. Single-level, multi-level, co and by-product bills are all catered for and flexible bill definitions accommodate complex component and sub-assembly requirements.
  • Particularly for component and material suppliers of original equipment manufacturers (OEM), synchronizing supply with customer demand is a key requirement to prevent costly line stoppages in assembly plants. This involves not only automating order processing and other processes in the supply chain, but also executing production plans using LEAN principles.
  • Streamlined electronic collaboration with your OEM customers is facilitated through features such as SYSPRO Workflow Services, Document Flow Manager, SYSPRO e.net Solutions, EDI, Office Automation and Messaging, email and various Business-to-Business import and export functions, thus reducing response time, margin for error and penalties associated with disruption to OEM production lines.
  • Enable greater visibility, compliance and quality control in the procurement and supplier selection process
  • Request for Quote Suppliers can respond directly to RFQs online
  • Supply Chain Portal Enables joint decision-making on suppliers and automatic selection of approved suppliers
  • Preferred Suppliers Allows you to capture and maintain predetermined sourcing policies to facilitate the selection of recommended and pre-approved suppliers during the purchasing cycle.

Drive operational efficiency with SYSPRO Automotive manufacturing software

  • Remain profitable in the face of fluctuating raw materials costs and margins – visibility to costs and profits across the business enables you to identify issues as they occur, including variations in expected and actual raw material and production costs; late supplier deliveries; obsolete, slow-moving and excessive inventories; and product defects and scrap
  • Control product design changes – your ability to design new products and modify existing designs, as well as improve time-to-market is critical to remaining competitive and profitable. SYSPRO provides tools to streamline and track the introduction of new product designs and amendments to existing designs, along with relevant costings
  • Improve management processes for OEM returns, OEM rebates, OEM promotions, OEM warranty claims
  • Easily integrate to supply-chain partners, 3PL and customer electronic ordering and supply systems
  • Improve your customer responsiveness in all aspects from design, engineering and configuration
  • Track material and production flow to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Digitally transform your business so that you can integrate business partners across your supply chain or to other systems, on premise or in the cloud
  • Enhancing the quotation process and consequently improving the conversion rate is a priority in building customer satisfaction with more accurate quoting and estimating
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ERP Automotive Parts and Accessories – Business Critical Solutions

A program that provides an automated online product design and rapid quotation system to the potential customer. With rules-based Product Configurator streamline order-taking and automatically generate factory and purchase orders with all the relevant detail, such as materials and operations required to make or assemble the correct customer-specific configuration of the product.

This is crucial to quality control and is a requirement for ISO and QS certification. The ECC solution helps you improve the management of engineering changes to your products and/or associated data by enforcing controls in product design. Provides detailed audit reports of all transactions, including all historical changes and the operator performing the change to meet compliance requirements.

For an industry like Automotive Parts and Accessories, lot traceability is a must to comply safety standards and maximize quality control. SYSPRO Lot Traceability allows you to track materials from receipt right through to delivery of the product to the customer, as well as at any level in-between. This solution also provides the ability to trace a lot or batch through the entire value chain from raw material receiving to dispatch and enables you to trace a unique item with a serial number through the value chain.
An underlying problem for suppliers is the time it takes to action a new release and the ability of management to examine the ramifications of any changes. The process is inherently difficult and error-prone, often resulting in the supplier incurring penalties for stopping the OEM’s assembly line. The supplier is neither able to timeously check that the OEMs are adhering to the contract, nor do they have time to establish their own capability of meeting the new requests. This results in missed delivery dates, emergency purchasing and production control in a permanent state of expediting. ​The SYSPRO Blanket Sales Orders and Releases system is designed to address these problems. It enables the easy capture or import of a new release and provides the necessary tools to manipulate the release and advise the customer of what has been accepted or changed, and why.
SYSPRO Projects and Contracts facilitates accurate profit reporting for long-term projects which require analysis of costs and revenues for multiple sections and levels. Purchase orders, job activity, sales orders and invoicing for jobs attached to a project update the contract or project in real time. Query screens and reports show up-to-date actual and committed costs, realized and projected profit at any level of the job hierarchy.

SYSPRO’s Quoting and Estimating capabilities allow you to create professional and comprehensive quotations. A highly flexible interface provides you with all the information you need to give your customers timely quotes/estimates. The Quotations and Estimates allow for the creation of a quote/estimate for either an existing customer or prospect or for either an existing inventory item or a non-inventory item. SYSPRO lets you track changes by using revision numbers, and all supporting documentation involved can be attached directly to the Quotation.

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SYSPRO Traceability for Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers Infographic

Navigating the complexity of a recall becomes simple when you’re able to act quickly. Download the infographic to get practical ways to implement an effective traceability system and a proper crisis management plan.


Supreme Spring

For Supreme Spring, the benefits of keeping up with the latest technology and the ability to future-proof their business with SYSPRO has ensured greater system performance and improved efficiencies and productivity.


Product Recall

SYSPRO Product Recall is a full traceability system developed to support an organization’s Recall Management System, and giving instant access to critical information required to track a suspect product, throughout the value chain.

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