The Impact of Automation on Jobs and Roles

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Recent advances in robotics and machine learning (AI) have happened so quickly that industry observers could be said to be suffering from whiplash as the implications of AI start to be fully realized, even as the technology itself is still maturing.

For example many sectors of the global economy will be severely impacted as machine learning (AI) and robotics, including web based Bots like Chatbots, revolutionize customer service industries.

Opinions differ between pundits who say millions of jobs will be lost as people are replaced with automation and those who say people can be reskilled and used in other parts of their sector. Yet again, still others say with the introduction of Cobots (collaborative robots) humans and robots can work together to boost productivity without the need for human labor job losses.

But everyone agrees that AI is fundamentally changing the structure of various industries and transforming means of production.

New Jobs?

Much of the economically active population may be competing for a reduced number of available employment opportunities as a result of automation.

Yet, history also shows that increased productivity as a result of automation can also expand markets and create new jobs and positions. Witness the booms of the automotive industry in the 1920s, the growth of the personal computer, and mobile devices, all which created new jobs.

Experts say that a few years from now there will be new jobs created that we have never heard of before. Texting incessantly late at night and unable to sleep? The Digital Detox Specialist will assist people to correct unhealthy behaviors and adopt healthier technology habits.

Does your company need to monitor the latest cultural trends in technology, gaming or design? The Cultural Intelligence Agent will monitor the latest developing social patterns and arm your company with the latest disruptive strategy to keep ahead of the innovation curve.

Last but not least, with urbanization density steadily growing people will need to source fruit and vegetables within city limits and the Urban Shepherd will landscape and transform city gardens into sustainable food sources. Automation will reshape the world, and businesses should also keep this in mind when selecting an ERP solution.

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