Just Like in ERP the Right Support was Vital for This Atlantic Crossing!

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Planning before a journey starts is recommended and typically done. But once the trip’s underway realization can dawn too late that without the right support, beyond our own effort and MacGyver-like initiatives, our odyssey could be extremely hazardous.

For example consider the support SYSPRO-sponsored Chris Bertish needed to complete his record breaking “solo” stand-up-paddle Atlantic crossing:

  • First-aid, food provisions, navigation and communication equipment, suppliers of his vessel, equipment spares, logistics to get to the start in Agadir Morocco – and tidy-up after leaving, water desalination…these are just some of the obvious items – mostly physical and to-hand.
  • Once at sea, injuries need sorted and a remote doctor on-call ensures the right application of medical first-aid. Equipment breaks and advice is also needed to make the best repairs.

Of course Chris could complete his 4800km journey and never use some of the support he arranged. But just knowing it’s available, if and when needed, helps him stay focused on the job at hand – paddling in the right direction, catching the right currents, and avoiding storms. It also helps him sleep with less troubles on his mind.

In short, support, be it equipment or service, at-hand or remote, used or just-in-case, all contribute to the success of the journey. And these dimensions are just as critical during implementation or ongoing operation of Business IT like SYSPRO ERP – and something you should consider before you start.

At SYSPRO Africa you can tap into Process Modeling (SPM) to use yourself or be facilitated by a consultant – ensuring optimal solution architecting. We have implementation and project management consultants you can call or help you on-site. We can arrange telephone support and remote learning via the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC), or even a Partner to rescue you.

You may only use support occasionally and pay-as-you-go. Or you could subscribe to a contract so it’s on tap when you need it without fuss, quotation or approval. The trick is to match the cost to the value you seek which is different for different people or companies. The right package is vital.

Sometimes we apply a breakdown-maintenance philosophy to only fix when a break occurs but this takes longer and can cause collateral or business damage. Or you can follow the preventative-maintenance philosophy, just like insurance. It depends on the risks.

Picture the value of immediate access to the right medic when you have to sew the end of your finger back on 1000km out at sea! You all know an upgrade or go-live for a new module needs planning and then support on-site or standby just to be sure. All may go well and you won’t use the support but sometimes problems do occur. Which plan do you use?

And technology plays a huge part in the support equation. How would Chris receive remote support without a satellite phone? How long would his journey be if he had no navigation and weather software?

Bartholomew Dias would envy the support Chris had.  And you shouldn’t implement or operate business IT without it either. Let’s chat…

PS: Please check www.chrisbertish.com or #TheSUPcrossing to see the epic Atlantic journey our SYSPRO-sponsored friend Chris has completed.

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