Driving Deep Customer Value in a Time of COVID-19

Driving Deep Customer Value in a Time of COVID-19
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In the midst of global uncertainty, customers are seeking a greater degree of reassurance. The emergence of Covid-19 has compacted and compounded issues, to the point where customers are needing more regular project feedback. Status updates topping and tailing the business day are called for, as there is a noticeable increase in urgency levels. There is an underlying level of uncertainty within the current ecosystem, as changes to the business environment necessitate immediate adjustment. On the customer’s journey to the solution, we have noticed a shift away from long-term goals, in favor of short-term tasks. Smaller projects like automation builds, maximize benefits while increasing business flexibility.

The challenge of new and different work environments, tackled in isolation, and across the web, has meant a loss in ‘buddy-support’, struggles to adjust to the right technical tools and miscommunication. Teams are not all sharing the same information in real-time, nor are they able to quickly catch-up over a cup of coffee. Tactical nuances are lost over a series of ‘broken-telephones’ and CX can suffer when a team finds itself at different stages of trying to deliver to a customer.

Covid-19 has demonstrated that we can achieve much more from home than we imagined when it comes to shifting the traditional view of what is possible from a customer engagement point of view. Projects initiated and executed completely remotely have seen solid success. However, it is a challenge to get the ‘just’ of new customer engagements from a distance, and establishing a foundation of trust is a difficulty if one cannot get a true ‘feel’ for an individual.

Going the extra mile during this time

To alleviate customer anxiety from an organizational process point of view, customers need to know that you are available; that you are there when they wish to reach-out, dial-in, log-on, or download. More than ever before, it is imperative to action requests timeously. To this end, businesses must intervene tactically to handle the increased volumes of calls and contact. It is also vital to proactively bolster capabilities behind the scenes, avoiding customer delay, frustration, and disappointment. If we truly place value on each customer interaction, then interdepartmental fluidity, system adaption, and frontline engagement must not be compromised.

Fortunately, technology offers valuable assistance in the form of artificial intelligence and automation. For example, we have refined our customer-facing bot to ensure it provides updated information and optimal outcomes to our customers at every level of their interaction. There is also a multitude of useful applications to enhance CX during this ‘new norm’. Whether deployed on-premise, in the cloud or both (hybrid), SYSPRO provides choice and flexibility for businesses to quickly and easily access their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP solution) through a web browser, 24/7, no matter where they are.

Upskilling, CX custodians and loyalty journeys are key

An important driver in going the extra mile during this new normal is education. In order to derive value out of any system or technology, one must upskill. Building an online curriculum for customers and partners can serve as an indispensable resource, much like the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC).

Creating a CX custodian is also a vital facilitator when it comes to putting the customer first at every level. To this end, dedicating a resource to make sure that all facets of the business prioritize customer experience, is key. One point of contact owning this journey assists in prohibiting the frustrations that often stem from silo structures misaligning within an organization. The total time to resolution can be unnecessarily delayed if the whole ecosystem is not aligned. A customer-first mentality must be matched by the company’s vision and mission i.e. it must be a business requirement instituted by top management.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it makes no difference whether your business is big or small because technology is applicable across structures. It is imperative to offer your customers flexible resolutions to their individual needs. Managing customer experiences means being accessible to them as far as is possible. If Covid-19 has taught us anything about driving customer value, it is that business is driven by people. This period of uncertainly in our collective histories has reinforced the plain truth that commercial relationships are centered around the interactions of individuals. If we are to drive deep customer value in a time of Covid-19 and beyond, then we must remember to place people at the heart of the technology that enables us to deliver optimal customer experiences.

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