ERP and Data


Applying Technology to Food and Beverage Manufacturing

During a recent holiday in France, over a croissant and coffee, I watched the morning crowds making their way to …

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Being Connected vs. Being Optimized

There is a drive in the world as a whole, but especially in the ERP sector, where a lot of …

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Making Governance and Compliance Part of the Manufacturing Process

The week of 17-23 November was Fraud Awareness Week (www.fraudweek.com), and this makes it an appropriate time to highlight key issues around manufacturing governance …

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The 3 Key Areas of ROI for Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturers and major enterprises always look to the returns they can make from implementing new tools, especially far-reaching solutions like …

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Using ERP to Converge IT Systems and Operational Technology

How to Use ERP to Converge IT Systems and Operational Technology

Traditionally, manufacturing companies maintained a clear line between their IT systems and operational technology (OT) – that is, the tools …

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The Role of the CEO and ERP in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a hot topic these days. As the name implies, a digital transformation journey is one that will …

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Connected Systems are Making Intelligent Manufacturing Possible

The original industrial revolution transformed not just the way humans manufactured things, but how and where we lived. Today, what …

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Mobile_ERP_mobile technologies

Mobile Technologies – SA Manufacturers are Missing the Mark

It is clear, South Africa’s manufacturers are not running at full capacity. In fact, according to Statistics South Africa, the …

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Why Industries Need People to Succeed and Not just Technology

You don’t need to get far on Google to find stories about how technology is creating seismic shifts for industries …

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