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Sleeping with the Fishes at Grape Escape ERP Blog

This Aberdeen blog “Sleeping with the Fishes at Grape Escape 2014” discusses the annual analyst event, including a briefing on SYSPRO Espresso, the mobile solution. It also discusses the analyst’s impressions after speaking with SYSPRO customer 1000Bulbs. “Our conversation at dinner really drove home how a well-suited ERP system can mean so much to a business as they attempt to establish themselves.”

“What I most wanted to focus on was a SYSPRO user who spoke at the press conference and sat at my table at dinner. This is because I think the speaker, Kim Pedersen, CEO and company founder of 1000Bulbs, has a story that truly speaks to how SYSPRO can be a true business partner for organizations as they grow.”

—Nick Castellina, Aberdeen Group

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