Executive Guide to ERP Part 2 – The Dimensions of Change Model

My Industrial engineering background taught me how to apply scientific concepts to understand complex systems, designs and processes. It takes little stretch of the imagination to apply these concepts on ERP implementations – also a combination of a complex systems and processes. Using these principles, and our experience within the ERP industry, some colleagues and … Read more

How an ERP system can help with business costs

After you have implemented an ERP solution, how can you translate that into savings? An ERP system helps you work more efficiently, quickly and accurately. It provides the visibility needed to control costs and enhance customer service. An ERP application also provides the backbone for finance transformation. According to Gartner,  “CFOs are entering a period … Read more

How manufacturers and distributors can gain competitive advantage with ERP

While many conspiracy theorists argue for the existence of a flat Earth, one thing is for certain – the world is definitely getting smaller. The pandemic proved how interdependent we all are, and placed more value on communication, interconnected processes and supplier visibility. As a result, an interesting trend started to emerge. Manufacturing plants are … Read more

Understanding effective inventory management in a post-Covid world

There are few people still alive that experienced a World War. In some cases, countries have experienced a local war. Despite support and sanctions from other countries, they really don’t get involved. The reality is we haven’t learned about Customer-first or even World-first thinking. We tend to work in a vacuum – me first – … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Go Digital in your Warehouse in 2021

Here’s the thing about enduring a crisis: sometimes, you end up better than you were when it started. So says research from PWC that shows that, despite nearly seven in ten businesses facing at least one major crisis in the five years leading up to COVID-19, 42% reported they exited the crisis “in a better … Read more

Manufacturing software for 21st century manufacturers

For years, the typical manufacturing organization was built to de-risk its operations and scale incrementally – hence the moving production line. Businesses could grow simply by making slightly better versions of existing products, and more of them. Companies have got used to this traditional model of what it means to be an organization, but we … Read more

A cybersecurity story for today’s CFO

Walls and watchwords protected medieval castles against plundering masses.  But firewalls and passwords cannot withstand cyber-attacks indefinitely. Ultimately, the safety of your cyber-city depends on the vigilance of its citizens. Slight paranoia also helps. Heard the one about the bitcoin billionaire who cannot remember his crypto wallet’s password? It’s no joke. Just ask Stefan Tomas, … Read more

Should customers pay for post-implementation software support?

After customers have deployed an ERP system, the next phase is post-implementation support. In some cases, the annual license fee (ALF) may include this, but often end users presume the post-implementation support from the vendor is free. Historically, support packages have not been a value-add service – customers would log their query and the provider … Read more