How Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Thinking About ERP (TAE) can be used with an ERP system

A movement has been around for a few years called Business Transformation. Twenty years ago, a different action — Business Process Improvement — helped to encourage a concept called the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Finally, fourteen years ago, a book called ‘Thinking about ERP’ was published, which explained how businesses should think about selecting, deploying … Read more

The role of inventory management and inventory optimization in ERP

Inventory management is important because it provides a buffer to balance out the uncertainties between demand and supply. However, while it can be viewed positively, holding inventory also creates problems. Physical space used by stock comes at a cost –  inventory ties up cash and working capital which could be better deployed elsewhere. As an … Read more

Four growth tactics for manufacturer and distributor success

It is no secret that the manufacturer and distributor sectors have been some of the hardest hit by the global health crisis and recent geopolitical instability. In many cases this has forced decision-makers to take a step back and reassess the bigger picture and implement changes where necessary to meet the growing need for agility … Read more

The role of ERP in the smart factory

How can a manufacturing business today become an intelligent and automated ecosystem – a smart factory that drives productivity, performance, and profitability? Despite external challenges such as economic conditions, fluctuating customer preferences and unexpected global events that change the way businesses perform, the manufacturing industry continues to experience growth. The more technology shifts manufacturing structures, … Read more