Options for inventory planning and forecasting

In an increasingly unpredictable world environment, practices for planning and forecasting inventory levels that worked in the past need to be reviewed. Rules of thumb and techniques that were used only ten years ago cannot match the number-crunching applications that leading-edge companies are employing. In the 1990s, APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) arose as a … Read more

Getting value from the general ledger within your ERP system

The general ledger has been around since the days when the abacus was a trailblazer. But while computers have mostly phased out beads, the general ledger still spearheads modern-day accounting. The general ledger (GL) is the recordkeeping system used to sort, store, and summarize a company’s financial transactions over time. It forms the backbone of … Read more

5 Key considerations for manufacturers when selecting a third-party application to use with your ERP system

From time to time, manufacturers will need to augment or supplement their ERP solution in specific business processes with a third-party application. Gartner has coined a term for it, calling it Composable ERP. Because of this, most ERP vendors will have an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program to help provide customers with the selection process. … Read more