What manufacturers need to know about IIoT

In 2018 a Forbes magazine published an article entitled “Every company is a data company” in which the authors urged all companies to use data as a core asset. That is now becoming a reality as businesses come to realize that data is the most significant asset they possess. Using data has the potential to … Read more

The smart factory Part 2: How manufacturers and distributors can evolve towards the smart factory

Several years ago, only the bravest and most ambitious enterprises embarked on the digital transformation journey, today the industry landscape has changed. Now digitalization of manufacturing and distribution supply chain processes has become imperative, especially after the pandemic, which caused disruptions and revealed multiple gaps and weaknesses in the global supply chain. To compete in … Read more

Executive guide to ERP Part 6: The operation stage

At the end of the animated film ‘Finding Nemo’ are these last lines: “We did it!” “Now what?” That is how people can feel after an ERP system has been implemented. After a long project, your organization has finally gone live with an ERP system that allows the company to automate and integrate the majority … Read more

ERP for process manufacturing

There is a belief that manufacturing is a mechanical process with not much thinking involved. While this is wrong for manufacturing in general it is especially wrong for process manufacturers – companies that produce food and beverages, paints, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Each day these manufacturers manage complex supply chains, carry out highly precise production, … Read more

The future of manufacturing: trends and innovation for growth

Before COVID, new technologies in manufacturing took years, sometimes decades, to become fully accepted. The pandemic, however, has speeded up those transitions by years. If you want to argue that these changes are in technology only, there was a recent Bloomberg article which noted that: “companies from noodle makers to semi-conductor giants are spending on … Read more

ERP ROI for the manufacturing and distribution CEO

The pandemic pushed manufacturers and distributors to rapidly shift gears, from addressing work-from-home policies to managing extreme swings in demand and uncertain supply chains. A 2020 SYSPRO survey showed that 60% of manufacturing and distribution businesses were impacted by supply chain disruptions during the pandemic. In fact, 29% of businesses stated they would explore initiatives … Read more