Customer centricity remains key to manufacturing

Today, customer centricity for an organisation in today’s marketplace, you must place “the customer” at the core of your business and build products and services that are designed to suit the specific needs of customers. This is about providing a great experience from the word go. Everything, from the first interaction with the organization, to … Read more

Investing in channel talent to meet evolving manufacturing industry needs

The talent landscape for channel partners in the ERP space has become fiercely competitive in recent years. The high pace of digital transformation has accelerated this and the demand for specialized skillsets grows greater every day. The modern digital workplace calls for a variety of skills including cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, integration, business intelligence and analytics. … Read more

How to make best use of the Bill of Materials (BOM) in your ERP

For a manufacturer, the Bill of Materials (BOM) is the recipe (the ingredients and their amount, with the preparation instructions) that drives the business. The accuracy of the BOM is critical to ensure a profit is made, guide procurement when ordering the items, and prevent having insufficient or wrong inventory. If the BOM is inaccurate, … Read more

Is low code the future of software development?

Recently the big term on everyone’s lips is this low code concept and I must admit it piqued my interest – even as a test analyst. With the growing advent of digital technologies, it seems to have become impossible for manufacturing and distribution businesses to chart their success in the absence of applications supporting their … Read more

How will supply chain recover?

As a consequence of all the chaos and disruption caused by the pandemic and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the supply chain of manufacturers and distributors worldwide are going to be under greater pressure from both industry and competition to increase their domestic production, grow employment and reduce their dependence on sources that may be a … Read more

How manufacturers can enable innovation on the factory floor

There is a common cliche that necessity is the mother of invention – and by extension, innovation. The past two and half years have certainly brought a variety of challenges and opportunities that have made innovation not just a preference, but essential for manufacturers and distributors to thrive into the future. According to our recent … Read more

The drive to onshore Australian manufacturing

It’s no secret that manufacturing companies around the world are rethinking their supply chain strategies. While the concept of reshoring, also known as onshoring, has been a growing trend over the past decade, when the pandemic hit it introduced risk in a way that wasn’t previously considered. With shortages occurring in unexpected sectors and lockdown … Read more