How an ERP application benefits batch manufacturing

Manufacturers of everything from computer chips to frozen chips use batch processing as their method of production. Probably the most famous example is the Swedish furniture manufacturer Ikea. Using batch manufacturing gives the company flexibility to produce similar items of its product range as the market demands. Even though a company has a great product, … Read more

Equipment-as-a-Service Part 1: Exploring the new opportunity for manufacturers

For several decades, manufacturers have developed their strategies based on relatively stable assumptions. But in the last few years, the business model of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) has started shifting to where firms increasingly have to provide services along with their traditional physical products. Adding services to products was originally termed the servitization of business … Read more

Learning in the flow of work: The future of ERP training

Over the past year, manufacturing and distribution industries have noted just how drastically the nature of work has evolved, from the shift to remote and more flexible environments to the growing importance of skills over credentials, which have all impacted L&D. Corporate training has been through a number evolutions, each driven by technological and economic … Read more

The benefits of automation in ERP

Within African manufacturing organisations, there is a need to educate the industry on new technologies, what they are, and how they can be effectively deployed within their business operations. For years, manually inputted spreadsheets have gone hand-in-hand with ERP, which often result in manual capturing errors, and siloed information. There are a number of benefits … Read more

The benefits of ERP for manufacturing

Technology is causing significant transformation, and that transformation is ongoing. Primarily, organizations have sought to improve collaboration within teams, and to streamline business processes throughout the internal value chain so that different departments work more efficiently together. There is a focus on integrating the processes, transactions and information within and between functions. To achieve the … Read more

Introducing more women to STEM to diversify the technology pool

Barbie had a spacesuit before Neil Armstrong took his “giant leap for mankind“ on the moon. Six decades later, the percentage of women in computer occupations is waning, leaving mainly men to build the systems shaping the world in which we live. Being the mom of two young girls, I have learned to embrace the … Read more

Why would a job shop consider an ERP system?

Like in so many other industries during the pandemic, technology is having an impact on job shops. Final products are produced in small batches of varying quantities, and because they are custom products they are not usually standardized. This has advantages in that sales discounts and finished good inventory are reduced, and stock obsolescence can … Read more