Assemble to Order manufacturing Part 1: Advantages and challenges

In 1984, a university student with limited space and inventory started assembling computers in his university dorm room. Customers could select the PCs they wanted from a list of possible configurations. The student, Michael Dell, soon started a company that created and sold custom-built PCs. The company, Dell Technologies, still follows an assemble-to-order model for … Read more

How manufacturers and distributors can use ERP to enable remote work

The world of work has been utterly transformed over the past two years. It’s not only office workers who have been forced into remote work by the pandemic, manufacturing and distribution companies are facing a similar challenge – how to enable remote work on the shop floor and in the warehouse with ERP. A survey … Read more

How manufacturers and distributors can use ERP to gain control across the supply chain

While the pandemic was undoubtedly the catalyst for recent supply chain disruptions it’s not the only cause. Longstanding weaknesses in the supply chain like port infrastructure, outdated supply chain strategies and impacts of natural disaster and wars have all further affected global supply chains. These ongoing disruptions mean manufacturers and distributors must navigate challenges while … Read more

The impact of regional instabilities on the Global Supply Chain and how ERP can help

Even before the pandemic, global supply chain were fragile thanks to factors such as the US-China trade war, less efficient shipping routes and a huge drive to cut costs by consolidating loads. Just as manufacturers and distributors were starting to climb out of the ‘COVID hole’, they’ve been knocked back in. Now, the greatest risk … Read more

How can ERP benefit the manufacturing & distribution CFO?

Over the last decade, the role of the manufacturing and distribution CFO has undergone a profound shift. CFOs have traditionally been viewed as back office number crunchers and financial risk managers. With many organizations undergoing rapid change to adapt to supply chain challenges and opportunities, the modern CFO is expected to be a strategic partner … Read more

What is Cloud ERP?

There have been significant waves of disruptions in the supply chain and like other markets and industries that have experienced shifts, manufacturers can turn to technology to overcome challenges and streamline operations. An example of such technology is seen as a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Cloud ERP enables manufacturing organizations to achieve connectedness … Read more