ERP for Medical Device Manufacturers Part 2

In Part 1, we covered the business and technology challenges that the medical device industry is experiencing. These will require a re-think of how to manage products, streamline the business and interact with customers. Those manufacturers who are still using legacy or customized computer systems will find it difficult to make the necessary changes. To … Read more

ERP for mixed-mode manufacturing

In past blogs, we have discussed different types of manufacturing – discrete and process. Discrete manufacturing makes distinct ‘things’, process manufacturing makes ‘stuff’ (for example, fertilizer). There is a third type that combines both discrete and process production – mixed-mode manufacturing. Operating and planning for mixed-mode production is complex and requires an enterprise system that … Read more

How Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) can drive business performance

Manufacturing companies already know that digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, are transforming the way the industry operates. For many, however, figuring out where to begin the digital journey remains a challenge. These disruptive technologies are often viewed as aspirational and talked about on a macro scale, so it’s reasonable … Read more

ERP For Medical Device Manufacturers Part 1

The medical device industry is experiencing a digital revolution that will require a re-think of how it designs and manages products and interacts with customers. Major advances in wireless technology, miniaturization, automation and computing power are encouraging the development of new connected medical devices that can generate, collect and transmit data. As smart devices become … Read more

The pros and cons of low code tools for manufacturers

Every manufacturing organization is striving for continuous improvement, and for that to occur the workforce needs to come with solutions to existing problems. These solutions usually require the usage of software-based technologies that necessitate the participation of IT specialists and developers, resulting in bottlenecks in the deployment of new solutions. Low code is gaining a … Read more

How AI is transforming manufacturing Part 2: Inventory management

Manufacturers have incurred significant financial losses due to supply chain disruptions and the subsequent inventory management challenges. With companies producing more and more products worldwide, the issue of keeping track of enormous amounts of parts and materials used in the manufacturing process has grown increasingly complex. In addition, these parts frequently use several departments or … Read more

Top 5 manufacturing CFO priorities for 2022

We recently surveyed CFOs and finance executives in the manufacturing and distribution sectors to study how the pandemic has impacted their businesses.  Among key insights, we learned that finance leaders are realigning their 2022 priorities to meet changing business needs. While top priorities varied heavily by industry in terms of actual ranking, US finance executives … Read more