Looking back at 2021: Lessons for manufacturers and distributors

2021 has been a year of transition. The evolving crisis and measures taken worldwide to contain the spread of the pandemic accelerated certain long-term and emerging trends. The past year has shown us that if organizations and industries are to keep up with the fast-paced change and uncertainty of the current market, they need to … Read more

How ERP enables traceability in the automotive parts and accessories industry

The automotive industry is in a perpetual state of change. Globally linked economies, tight competition, and emerging markets all force constant review of production goals, suppliers, and long-term strategies. The automotive industry sets some of the highest quality standards in manufacturing, driven by a need to ensure safety and a desire to control costs. Increasingly, … Read more

Digital transformation for Africa’s manufacturing and distribution CIO and CFO

SYSPRO listens to different perspectives at two events in Kenya – one the CIO view and the other the CFO view on Digital Transformation – both November2021. Here we shared our experiences   Looking at the CIO SYSPRO Africa first visited Mombasa Kenya at the main gathering in East Africa of CIOs – CIO 100. … Read more

Re-imagining inventory management for a new normal

Inventory management was moving towards a just-in-time approach until the supply disruptions of the last year. Now there are forces arguing for a return to a just-in-case approach. Whatever inventory management methodology is chosen, the realization that supply chains are vulnerable will require a re-assessment of practices and KPIs in order to keep goods flowing … Read more

Can ERP minimize the risks of outsourced manufacturing?

I love my job. Every day I get the opportunity to visit and walk through a new factory or operation, being exposed to the unique challenges faced by each and every-one of our customers. In the last two years it became even clearer that today’s manufacturer must understand the need to be agile, flexible and … Read more

The smart factory Part 4: What skills do manufacturers and distributors need in the factory of the future?

As manufacturers and distributors inject their operations with innovative technologies in an effort to transform them into smart factories, a shift in how those factories are staffed has emerged. As industries evolve the distance between the worker and the job has grown, for example back in the day the worker had one tool between them … Read more