Combatting the six big losses in manufacturing

In my previous life as a Divisional Quality Manager, I came across many examples of product or packaging pain points that impacted on a manufacturer’s ability to remain competitive. One such an example was a peppadew producer, who had a tight three-month timeframe to harvest, process and package their product. Previously, the producer opted for … Read more

Why analytics should be a priority for manufacturers

Your ERP data is a goldmine of information that can help to steer your business through the COVID storm and any other major disruptions. Executives who take proactive steps now can not only help their companies weather the current crisis but also ensure competitive advantage in the future. The pandemic has brought many unexpected challenges: … Read more

All you need to know about running an ERP system

Many executives who dream of growing their companies at some time realize that spreadsheets and simple accounting packages won’t work for the business anymore. The next step for their business software is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. While an ERP solution delivers many benefits, executives need to be aware of the components, costs and … Read more

Allowing medical manufacturers to take care of people by taking care of the process

At first glance the world of medical device manufacturing may not seem much different from any other type of manufacturing: new products are researched and developed, materials are sourced, and the product is manufactured and sold, just like every other manufacturer. However, as one of the most highly regulated industries in the business world, medical device … Read more

“Tuning your Supply Chain with IT”

“I paid for the weights – so where are the muscles?”. Applying IT doesn’t guarantee results either without waves of effort. Let’s exercise more … You’ve done the basics – gym membership, cool outfit, matching wrist and headband doing circuits twice a week. That’s like stable implementation of your “backend system” typically ERP you feel … Read more

How ERP helps Industrial Machinery and Equipment manufacturing challenges

In today’s manufacturing environment, many businesses have implemented the latest systems or adapted to concepts and technologies they only thought they would be using in the future. Often, digital disruption and digital innovation are the driving force behind these changes.  For example: The Internet of Things (Iot) which has simplified the collection of data across the … Read more

Steps to guard your ERP system against possible risks

The digital pandemic is upon us. Over the past few months, a number of critical businesses have faced cyber-attacks. Earlier this year, hackers infiltrated the Colonial Pipeline and demanded $4 million in ransom. While the ransom was paid on the same day, the pipeline was only able to function again after six days.  A class … Read more

Executive guide to ERP, Part 3: The ERP selection process

In this third part of the series, Thinking about ERP, we begin covering the issues that a business and its executives will tackle when selecting an ERP system. From here on, thinking and planning have to be converted into action. Part one Thinking about ERP Part 1 blog discussed the initial key questions that executives … Read more