How manufacturers can use ERP to improve the procurement process

Disruptions like the pandemic, supply shortages, global trade barriers, high customer expectations and inflation all add tremendous pressure on the procurement process. As manufacturers strive to reduce costs while increasing speed, the process of procuring materials, making products, and moving them where they need to be is more complex than ever. According to SYSPRO Research … Read more

How to improve quality management in your manufacturing business

The consequences of quality control errors at your manufacturing plant can be huge, potentially resulting in rework, product redesign, recalls, and dissatisfied customers. And if you’re operating in a highly regulated industry such as medical devices, automotive, or food and beverages, you also need to adhere to strict compliance guidelines. The problem: if you’re like … Read more

How ERP can improve your manufacturing process

Manufacturers are heavily reliant on an effective workflow process to meet the requirements for ever changing customer needs, sustaining productivity levels and to thrive through continuous supply chain disruptions. Organizations are incessantly looking for various ways to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. Industries need to make efforts to improve lead times and quality, boost productivity … Read more

Closing the gap between employee 1.0 and industry 4.0

‘A new, end-to-end synchronized supply network is needed, where suppliers, manufacturing sites, customers and experts’ partner efficiently within a seamless ecosystem. This supply network would be touchless and interconnected, and able to pilot quickly, learn, eliminate low-quality tasks and standardize repetitive actions. It would generate high efficiencies and optimize costs, while also leaving a smaller … Read more

How manufacturers and distributors can use Cloud ERP to overcome supply chain disruptions

Manufacturers and distributors can leverage Cloud ERP to revolutionize the way they do business and manage disruption as the impact of the global pandemic, regional instabilities, and natural disasters continues to cause supply chain volatility. Supply chain disruptions have resulted in the need for highly agile organizations that are responsive to ever-changing market needs. Our … Read more

ERP Implementation: The importance of project management

Many companies were spurred into action during the pandemic to introduce systems that would digitize their operations like ERP Implementation. A recent SYSPRO survey however has found that many of these systems did not deliver on the value promised, as they were carried out as stand-alone projects with little coordination or oversight. Mid-size companies considering … Read more

Assemble-to-Order manufacturing Part 2: ERP solutions to improve operations

With a manufacturing operation based on Assemble-to-order (ATO), success hinges on being able to get products to customers quickly. There has to be tight control over inventory, and production planning and scheduling need to ensure product delivery. In addition, demand forecasting has to be accurate and costs have to be managed. To handle all these … Read more