Tech trends transforming ERP in 2022

The tech innovations you can expect in 2022 will be a natural progression of digital transformation – the very processes that gained momentum at the start of the pandemic in early 2020. The business world has had little choice but to adapt to the new normal that called for more stringent business continuity and risk … Read more

New year’s resolutions: Accelerating digital transformation with ERP

There is this something in the air this time of year where everyone starts with new year’s resolutions, and it is all about new beginnings. I am not quite sure why new beginnings are associated with the end or start of a calendar year. That is if you follow the Gregorian calendar – which is … Read more

How manufacturers and distributors can mitigate disruption in the global supply chain

Massive supply chain disruptions are being experienced around the globe, and the causes are many and complex. Although it’s easy to attribute these difficulties to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is far more to the current crisis than first meets the eye. Factors affecting the supply chain 1. The pandemic There’s no doubt that the pandemic, … Read more

How manufacturers and distributors can re-imagine procurement in the supply chain

Procurement in manufacturing companies is often not done correctly. It’s not because key business requirements are missed, but because the totality of what can be influenced is ignored. With direct and indirect materials making up at least 50% of typical manufacturing costs, the procurement function could be re-imagined so companies can be more responsive to … Read more

How AI is transforming manufacturing Part 1

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that will enhance people’s decision-making by using data and creating more accurate predictions. Traditionally, most decision-making has been based on experience and instincts. However, the world has radically changed, and so have supply chains and customer behaviors. In these times when past practices have been overturned, people at … Read more